Billy Zeemann

Billy Zeemann


I am a metalsmith, jewelry designer, and mixed-media artist. I always loved making things, even from a young age, and I fell in love with jewelry making over a decade ago. I first started out with shell and beadwork. I soon discovered metal clay and metal fabrication, and I really enjoy working with a combination of both. I absolutely love creating jewelry, and over the years I have continued to learn new techniques and to add to my every expanding collection of tools!

With every piece of jewelry I make, I feel blessed to be creating for the incredible women and men who purchase, gift, and wear my designs, and I find that those drawn to my jewelry resonate with the messages I incorporate into my pieces, and the simple beauty found in natural forms. I find inspiration not only in nature, but in symbolism, in the spirit of my gorgeous labradoodle, Tui, and in the people around me. Love fuels my work and life.

I love jewelry that is noticeably handmade, with an organic matte finish. I often use natural textures directly from natural found objects and shells, sometimes in combination with words. I also love creating special custom pieces with and for my customers, incorporating gemstones, handwriting, handprints or pet paw prints. These pieces become heirloom treasures, and are so meaningful to create.

Jewelry is incredibly personal. You wear it close to your skin, to your heart, and with each and every piece I make, I craft it with the wearer in mind. Nothing is more heartwarming to me than hearing from my customers that my jewelry makes them feel connected to a person they love, or a meaningful experience in their lives.

Billy Zeemann is a California-based artist, metalsmith and designer. Born in Australia, and raised in New Zealand on a farm, her childhood fostered a deep connection to nature and a love of animals. After many years of world travel with extended stays in India, Nepal, Thailand, Bali, England, and Mexico, she fell in love with California and settled there in Marin. She finds inspiration in the beauty of nature, the ocean, indigenous art, symbolism, and love. She works with a variety of precious metals and gemstones and whenever possible uses ethically sourced, recycled and conflict-free materials.

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